Emergency Preparedness 

  • To learn more about emergency preparedness for Thurston County go to Thurston County Emergency Management website.
  • To sign up for county emergency notifications go to the Thurston County Emergency Management Community Notification Service website.
  • To learn more about emergency preparedness for the state go to the Washington State Emergency Management Division website. For more information:

Flood Plain 

Homeless Initiatives

Public Safety

  • City of Olympia, InterCity Transit Bus Stop Improvement Letter
  • Please report activity to the Thurston County Sheriff’s office at 360-786-5500, unless it is an emergency, then call 911.


  • Contact Puget Sound Energy. To reach Puget Sound Energy dial 1-888-225-5773, then press #2 for outages followed by pressing #3 for street lights. Please provide them with the numbers on the bottom portion of the light pole, also known as the SLAD #.

Street Signs, Storm Drain, Vegetation, Debris

  • Contact Thurston County Road Operations at 360-867-2300

Thurston County