WPOA Greenbelt

In late 2018 the Board undertook a comprehensive evaluation and inventory of the WPOA Greenbelt. The Board hired an arborist familiar with our community to provide the Board with the condition of trees in the Greenbelt, recommendations for preservation of the Greenbelt, and identification of priorities to address safety for residents.

This work stemmed from a multi-month discussion among the Board, feedback from the Association’s members at the annual WPOA meeting to develop a plan to proactively preserve the WPOA Greenbelt with a focus on sustainability and safety and informed a subsequent 2018 WPOA Association survey of members focused on the greenbelt and neighborhood.

The review was administered by the WPOA Board with the goal of developing a long-term proactive plan to improve Greenbelt health and address safety issues. The review resulted in the development of a “road map” of management activities to protect and improve the health, use, and access of the Greenbelt. Finally, the review provides the Board with a long-term sustainable greenbelt management plan.

The review only provides guidance, not a hard-fast direction, for the Board. The plan is to address the highest priority issues first which will involve a review by a Board member to confirm the information in the report and collaboration with any Association members impacted.

The Board is utilizing current dues to support this effort. The Board is undertaking work to determine an estimated cost to address identified priorities as well as the overall health of the Greenbelt (i.e., blackberries, ivy, underbrush, replanting). The Board, at this time and within the fiscal budget of the Association, will approach implementation of the review over a multi-year period with a general timeline of five years.


  • Greenbelt Evaluation and Recommendations Document
  • WPOA Plats
  • Survey Summary and Report
    In fall 2018, the Board of the Wilderness Property Owners Association (WPOA) invited homeowners to share their thoughts with regard to the greenbelt and neighborhood.  The survey was completed in November 2018.There were a total of 40 respondents to the survey.  Roughly a third of participants have lived in the neighborhood five or fewer years, a third have lived in the neighborhood between 10-15 years and a third have lived here for over 15 years.
  • Wilderness Swale Maintenance
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