Voting: Covenant Revisions

The WPOA Board is asking for your support to approve revisions to the Covenants.

The WPOA Covenants have not been updated since 1978. The revisions were drafted in response to common questions and concerns from members of the WPOA Association.

The Board engaged in a sixty-day comment period between April 2019 and June 2019. Feedback was gathered and posted to the WPOA website for public access. The Board reviewed the feedback and drafted final revised Covenants for a vote by the Association.

Rules for the Vote
Any changes to the Covenants must be approved by a signed majority of legal property owners (at least 141 owners). Each lot has one vote. Signatures are required for the vote to be valid according to the Covenants. No proxies are allowed.

What the Association is Voting On
The vote will be on the full revised Covenants. No partial votes for specific sections will be allowed based on the Association vote at the Semi-Annual Association Meeting in May.

How to Vote
There are two alternative ways to vote. Only one vote per property will be recorded.

1. Hard Copy: Complete and sign the form on the back of this letter. Mail the form to WPOA, P.O. Box 466 Olympia WA 98507-0466

2. Electronic Copy: Either complete the form you received via email or complete and sign the form on the back. The form can be found here.

Email the completed form to:

All votes must be dated or postmarked by Saturday, September 28.

Recording of the Vote
The Covenants may only be amended by an instrument duly signed. This means each signature that represents a vote of approval must be notarized. If 141 or more lot owners approve the revised Covenants, the Board will provide those lot owners with options to have their signatures on the revised covenants notarized at no personal cost.

The Board has developed several documents to inform your decision. If you have questions please contact the Board at: