Hearing Examiner Recommends Denial of Trillium Master Plan

The City of Olympia hearing examiner has recommended denial of the Trillium Master Plan! You may download and read his analysis and decisionhere, and those who testified during the hearings last June will soon be receiving a hard copy of his decision with a cover letter from the city.

He also upheld most of the “MDNS” conditions the developer appealed, issuing a separate decision available here.

As he notes in his Master Plan decision (p. 24), he will await resolution of any appeal to the Olympia City Council before issuing a decision on the preliminary plat unless the developer asks him to issue it before any appeals are resolved.

The cover letter from the city should specify the appeal procedure and time frames. Re the Master Plan, it looks like the developer’s choices are (1) to appeal or ask for reconsideration of the hearing examiner’s recommendation, (2) revise the application to meet deficient requirements, or (3) let the recommendation come before the City Council for final approval/disapproval.

We’ll post more as we learn more…

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Public Hearing – Support Thurston County’s Intent to Vacate Portion of County Right-of-Way!

Support Thurston County’s Intent to Vacate Portion of County Right-of-Way!

Public Hearing:
10:00 AM – Monday, October 4
Thurston County Courthouse
2000 Lakeridge Drive SW
Building 1, Room 152

If you oppose the City of Olympia’s intent to connect a street between Highline/Frontier Drives and the proposed Trillium development, please plan to attend this hearing to support the county’s recommendation.   The staff report is available here and the agenda here.

Here’s an update on the situation as it stands:

  • The City of Olympia’s Hearing Examiner concluded the preliminary plat/master plan/SEPA appeal hearings in early August
  • He has not yet issued any recommendations or determinations, having  been granted an extension of time by the City and the developer because of the complexity of the case
  • After the public testimony was closed, the City staff recommended the connector street between Highline/Frontier and Trillium be developed, but limited to pedestrian/bicycle/emergency vehicle traffic initially
  • The County disagrees, believing the existing path and vegetation cover is appropriate, and the Board of Commissioners accordingly recently passed a resolution to vacate the greenbelt bounded portion of the right-of-way to the WPOA
  • In accordance with State law and County code, the County has scheduled a mandatory public hearing (above) before making a final determination on the right-of-way vacation

City staff plan to attend the hearing to oppose the County’s recommendation.  It is critical we attend to speak in favor of the county’s recommendation!

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No SE Olympia School District Capacity for Trillium

See Janine Gates latest blog posting reporting the results of her interviews with Olympia School District officials about the lack of school district capacity is SE Olympia.And, please remember to attend the continuing hearing on the Trillium development Monday, June 28th at the Olympia City Council Chambers!

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A note from Commissioner Karen Valenzuela

Thank you all for a truly impressive show of civic engagement at Monday evening’s hearing! While I appreciate the notes of thanks several of you have sent, it’s I who owe you thanks for your patience and perseverance throughout this long process. I think the challenges presented by this proposal are far from over, so I appreciate everyone’s continued participation as this review process unfolds. You make all the difference in the outcome!Karen

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Review of Recent Public Hearing and Next Steps

THANK YOU to every one of you that sent email and letters to the City of Olympia and those of you who attended the Trillium public hearing on Monday night and also testified. Your efforts are working!And a special thank you to Thurston County Commissioner Karen Valenzuela for her great support of all the Wilderness homeowners. She was very instrumental in the County’s submission of a letter to the City of Olympia notifying them the county is vacating 45′ of the 60′ right-of-way at Highline Drive. The City of Olympia and the applicant, DR Horton, agreed to this action.That means *NO CONNECTING ROAD TO TRILLIUM!* The remaining 15′ of the right-of-way will be dedicated for a pedestrian throughway only.

Please take the opportunity to thank Commissioner Valenzuela for attending our general membership meeting in May and supporting us with our Trillium project concerns and getting our voices heard. You may email her at valenzk@co.thurston.wa.us.

Everyone should be happy with the progress we have made to date.

HOWEVER, we still need your support at the continuing public hearing regarding the Master Plan and the Preliminary Plat June 28th. If you were at the hearing last Monday night but did not get to testify, PLEASE ATTEND the hearing June 28th. The Hearing Examiner will allow public comment from those individuals who did not have the opportunity to testify Monday. The hearing on DR Horton’s appeal of the City’s SEPA determination will follow the conclusion of the continuing hearing on
the Master Plan/Preliminary Plat, but testimony in that subsequent hearing will be limited to those representing DR Horton and the City.

Great job everyone! Let’s keep up the momentum as it does make a difference.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you.

Cherryl Steben
2010 WPOA President

To read a good review of the hearing on June 14th click on this link:


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Planning Staff Report to be presented to hearings examiner June 14 now available!

UPDATE FROM CHERRYL STEBEN,WPOA PRESIDENTWhile reviewing the extensive documentation we recently received, we noticed an email that referred to a “staff report” for presentation to the hearings examiner that would be available at the City’s website by 5 PM June 7th.  We couldn’t find it online, so we asked them for it and just received it this morning.  Here it is:
Staff Report

We recommend you review it (it’s only 31 pages) before the June 14 hearing as it will provide a summary of the City’s determination, with referenced code citations, on each element of the Trillium Master Plan, Preliminary Plat and SEPA Appeal.

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Trillium Staff Report

UPDATE FROM CHERRYL STEBEN,WPOA PRESIDENTJune 8 – We finally obtained the full Trillium Staff Report from the City of Olympia at 5:00pm today.  You may download it here:Trillium Staff Report (PDF) (48 mb)

There are a lot of documents here and we have little time to review them all completely.  We are attempting to seek a continuance of the June 14 hearing to allow us more time to review the documents, but have thus far not been successful.

At this point it appears the June 14 hearing will proceed as scheduled, so please do plan to attend!  And if at all possible submit your written comments in advance by June 10 if you wish to have them included in the official record.

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Please Attend June 14th Hearing!

On June 1st, we requested the full file (all documents in digital format) for the proposed Trillium development from the City of Olympia.  We have not yet received it, but will make the full contents available as soon as we do receive it and are able to upload them.Thurston County Commissioner Karen Valenzuela met directly with Todd Stamm, City of Olympia Planning Director, and Brett Bures, City of Olympia Associate Planner on June 3rd.  She felt the meeting was unproductive and disappointing in that staff gave no consideration to concerns about any of the elements in Section T 3.20 (f) 1 – 9 of the City’s Transportation Policy –that is, lack of sidewalks, pedestrian safety, inadequate line of sight, existing neighborhood configuration, other better alternatives, etc– but instead insisted they’ll continue to argue for the development of a through street, mostly on the basis that it’s ‘policy.’  Commissioner Valenzuela considers staff’s position one that actually ignores joint policy between the City and the County, and plans to testify to that effect at the hearing on the 14th.

Please plan to attend the June 14th hearing!   If you have any concerns about the proposed connecting street,  the discharge of stormwater runoff through the Chambers ditch,  potential impact on septic systems, increased traffic on Wiggins Road, or any other potential impacts, please attend to add your comments to the record.

If you wish to submit any written comments, please submit them to Brett Bures, Associate Planner, by June 10th to ensure they become a part of the official record:

Brett Bures
Associate Planner
Community Planning and Development
837 7th Avenue SE
P.O. Box 1967
Olympia, WA 98507-1967
(360) 753-8568
FAX: (360) 753-8087
TTY: (360) 753-8270
E-mail: bbures@ci.olympia.wa.us 

(You may submit written comments at subsequent hearings, but June 10th ensures they are entered into the official record.)

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Update on May 19 WPOA Membership Meeting

Thurston County Commissioner Karen Valenzuela attended our meeting, heard and shared our concerns about the proposed connecting road between Highline Drive and the proposed Trillium development north of Wilderness.   Karen reports county planning staff related our concerns to City of Olympia planning staff the following day and there appears to be mutual agreement that a full service connecting road does not make sense, considering potential traffic flows and safety concerns.   She plans to attend a follow up joint planning staff meeting to ensure City of Olympia staff understands why Wilderness cannot support a full service connecting road.
Notice of Public HearingsThe City of Olympia has reopened public hearings on the proposed Trillium development.  Please plan to attend these hearings to address the following concerns:

  1. Flooding – the new development, and several other adjacent developments, propose to route all the storm water runoff through our neighborhood!  This may also have an impact on the septic systems.
  2. Traffic – the development also proposes to run traffic through our neighborhood. The City already expects the level of traffic to cause Level of Service F, or failure, at key intersections.
  3. Environmental Degradation 

Master Plan and Preliminary Plat Hearing  
June 14, 2010 – 6:30 PM

SEPA Appeal Hearing
June 28, 2010 – 6:30 PM

Both meetings held at City Council Chambers (900 Plum Street SE, Olympia).

* It is critical we attend these hearings to continue recording these concerns! *

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