Covenant Revisions

In February 2019, the Wilderness Property Owners’ Association (WPOA) Board undertook a review of the current WPOA Covenants.  The review was initiated in response to common and regular concerns and questions regarding the Covenants. The Board’s intention was to be responsive to the community.

The Covenants are the legal document that lay out the guidelines for the WPOA community.  The review was initiated for two reasons: (1) the WPOA Covenants have not been updated since the original drafting in 1978 when the WPOA was established and (2) in response to feedback from members of the Association regarding potential changes and updates.

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Beginning in February the Board undertook a review of other homeowners’ association covenants in the Olympia/Tumwater/Lacey area in order to identify potential updates and changes to the WPOA Covenants.  The Board then met in March and April to draft proposed changes to the Covenants for consideration by the full Association.  The Board presented the proposed revisions to the full Association membership at the Semi-Annual May WPOA Association meeting.  The time for feedback was extended through June 19, 2019. The Board collected feedback provided during this time and reviewed the all comments received. The Board made additional changes to the revised Covenants based on this feedback.  The Board finalized the proposed revised Covenants.

Proposed Revisions
The proposed revisions to the WPOA Covenants fall into three areas: (1) Substantive, (2) User-Friendliness and (3) Technical.

The Board proposed a handful of substantive changes to the Covenants. The substantive changes are proposed based on issues, concerns and requests of multiple Association members over the years either in writing, verbally or shared at the semi-annual and annual association meetings. Many of these changes also reflect changes in municipal codes and laws since the current Covenants were established in 1978.  The substantive changes range from a new definition section to the Covenants to language regarding the use of fireworks, parked vehicles, the display of political signs and the presence of short-term rentals in our community.

In the Board’s review of other Covenants, it was clear that the current WPOA Covenants could be revised to provide easier to read headers and content of like issues. The proposed draft moves and combines several areas of the current Covenants.

The revised Covenants propose several technical changes to the current Covenants. For example, changing current language that cites the Developer to proposed language that identifies lot owners.