Board Meeting Minutes: December 2015


December 8, 2015


The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Wilderness Property Owners’ Association was held on Tuesday, December 8, 2015 in the home of President Cherryl Steben. Cherryl called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. Board members present were Cherryl Steben, Larry Rus, Linda Liu, Dick Fankhauser, John Cusick and Phil Harlan.


MINUTES: The minutes of the November 17, 2015 Board meeting were read. Cherryl stated that she has been on the Board for eight years and seven years as president. Minutes were approved as corrected.


TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer’s Report, as prepared by John Cusick, was filed. Statements for 2016 dues will be going out mid January. There may a small amount of funds to be carried over to 2016.


UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Wilderness Sign Repair or Replacement (Wilderness/Boulevard): Two bids received, Cherryl will clarify bids. Carry-over funds from 2016 may be used for the sign replacement, however, we will wait to see if additional funds are needed for greenbelt management.


Traffic Calming Research: Larry obtained information from a County representative. The idea of using a “radar speed trailer” was discussed. Larry will call and get us on the list to be able to use one for a short period of time. Regarding speed bumps, someone will have to monitor traffic speeds, 60% of residents need to be in favor of having them installed, and of course the residents have to pay for them. Cherryl will make it an item in the newsletter to see if there is any interest.

Street Lighting Upgrades: Cherryl will follow up on this.


Greenbelt/Tree Management: The Board gave consent for Cherryl to award the tree removal contract at Leon’s in the amount of $1,800.00 to Capital Tree Service.


WPOA Document Cleanup and Scanning: Cherryl will complete. Source for scanning remaining documents no longer exists. John will check with Secretary of State’s office to determine legalities of what should be retained.


WPOA Work Parties: Phil will haul debris away from last work party north of Wilderness Drive at Boulevard Road.


Open Board Position: Cherryl will post in the next newsletter.


Proposed Log Cabin Reservoir (water tank) Status and Ashton Woods Development:  Nothing new to report.



Items For Handoff: This being Cherryl’s last meeting she had some items to handoff to others. Linda agreed to take on bag replacements and the dog bag stations. A non-handoff item was that Cherryl agreed to continue writing the newsletter.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:14 p.m. The next Board meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 at Dick Fankhauser’s home.


Respectfully submitted, Dick Fankhauser, Secretary