Board Meeting Minutes: May 2015


May 26, 2015


The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Wilderness Property Owners’ Association was held on Tuesday, May 26, 2015 in the home of President Cherryl Steben. Cherryl called the meeting to order at 7:06 p.m. Board members present were Cherryl Steben, Larry Rus, Jane Stavish, Phil Harlan and John Cusick. Dick Fankhauser was absent.


MINUTES: The minutes of the April 8, 2015 Board meeting were read. Minutes were approved as read.


TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer’s Report, as prepared by John Cusick, was filed. To date, 8 property owners have not paid their 2015 dues. Of those, five have not paid for years previous to 2015.




Wilderness sign repair or replacement (Wilderness/Boulevard): 1 bid received, 2 more in process.


Traffic Calming Research: call back pending from County representative.


Street Lighting upgrades: PSE response pending regarding cost of changing the street lights in Wilderness to LED vs other alternatives.


Greenbelt/Tree Management:


Harry Leons at 3141 Wilderness – Maple hanging over yard from greenbelt

Steve Mildenberger at 2644 Wilderness Drive – Leaning tree in greenbelt

Pat Chapman at 4607 Claridge – Maple hanging over house from greenbelt

Cameron Kukes at 4642 Claridge – Ivy in greenbelt

John Ruffier at 3313 46th Ct SE – Possible dead or diseased tree in greenbelt next to their property – concerned about hitting house if they come down

Campeau at 4501 Frontier Ct SE – dead snag


Bids have been received on several from one tree service company and are pending receipt from other companies.  Board will likely conduct vote via e-mail once all bids received.


Pending completion of bids, motion was made and approved to contract for up to $600 with certified arborist to assess what to do with maples (3141 Wilderness, 4607 Claridge and revisit of one at 4633 Claridge).


Remaining bus stop concrete pad partially on Kevin Beck’s property:  Motion made and approved to endorse Cherryl Steben’s May 8, 2015, reply to Mr. Beck.


Olympia Coalition of Neighborhood Associations:  WPOA is first member from Olympia Urban Growth Area.


WPOA Document cleanup and scanning: Pending.




WPOA work parties:  Homeowners are encouraged to organize their own, provided scope of work is first approved by Board.  WPOA is tentatively scheduling work parties on June 20, July 18, August 15 and September 19, 2015.


2015 Newsletter #1:  Content was reviewed and suggested revisions are being considered.


Open Board position: Will advertise in newsletter.  Reaching out to potential candidates is encouraged.


Neighborhood watch program:  Purchase of 4 point of entry signs approved at last meeting pending.  Larry Rus also is working on organizing his immediate neighborhood.


Proposed Log Cabin reservoir (water tank) status:  City of Olympia officials coming to next WPOA meeting to discuss plans.


Ashton Woods (formerly Trillium) development status:  400 homes proposed consistent with new zoning.  DR Horton recently filed proposal.  Public comment period and hearing pending.





Semi-annual meeting on June 16, 2015:  Jane Stavish and John Cusick unable to attend as both are out of town.  Agenda plans were briefly discussed.


Retention pond week control:  Motion was made and approved to review and modify landscape contract to include periodic weed whacking for proper stormwater control.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:49 p.m. The next Board meeting will be held at Cherryl’s home at 7:00 p.m. on a date to be determined.


Respectfully submitted,

John Cusick, Treasurer