Hearing Examiner Recommends Denial of Trillium Master Plan

The City of Olympia hearing examiner has recommended denial of the Trillium Master Plan! You may download and read his analysis and decisionhere, and those who testified during the hearings last June will soon be receiving a hard copy of his decision with a cover letter from the city.

He also upheld most of the “MDNS” conditions the developer appealed, issuing a separate decision available here.

As he notes in his Master Plan decision (p. 24), he will await resolution of any appeal to the Olympia City Council before issuing a decision on the preliminary plat unless the developer asks him to issue it before any appeals are resolved.

The cover letter from the city should specify the appeal procedure and time frames. Re the Master Plan, it looks like the developer’s choices are (1) to appeal or ask for reconsideration of the hearing examiner’s recommendation, (2) revise the application to meet deficient requirements, or (3) let the recommendation come before the City Council for final approval/disapproval.

We’ll post more as we learn more…

Originally Posted by John Cusick at 5:27 PM on the WPOA original blog at: http://wpoa98501.blogspot.com/