Public Hearing – Support Thurston County’s Intent to Vacate Portion of County Right-of-Way!

Support Thurston County’s Intent to Vacate Portion of County Right-of-Way!

Public Hearing:
10:00 AM – Monday, October 4
Thurston County Courthouse
2000 Lakeridge Drive SW
Building 1, Room 152

If you oppose the City of Olympia’s intent to connect a street between Highline/Frontier Drives and the proposed Trillium development, please plan to attend this hearing to support the county’s recommendation.   The staff report is available here and the agenda here.

Here’s an update on the situation as it stands:

  • The City of Olympia’s Hearing Examiner concluded the preliminary plat/master plan/SEPA appeal hearings in early August
  • He has not yet issued any recommendations or determinations, having  been granted an extension of time by the City and the developer because of the complexity of the case
  • After the public testimony was closed, the City staff recommended the connector street between Highline/Frontier and Trillium be developed, but limited to pedestrian/bicycle/emergency vehicle traffic initially
  • The County disagrees, believing the existing path and vegetation cover is appropriate, and the Board of Commissioners accordingly recently passed a resolution to vacate the greenbelt bounded portion of the right-of-way to the WPOA
  • In accordance with State law and County code, the County has scheduled a mandatory public hearing (above) before making a final determination on the right-of-way vacation

City staff plan to attend the hearing to oppose the County’s recommendation.  It is critical we attend to speak in favor of the county’s recommendation!

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