Please Attend June 14th Hearing!

On June 1st, we requested the full file (all documents in digital format) for the proposed Trillium development from the City of Olympia.  We have not yet received it, but will make the full contents available as soon as we do receive it and are able to upload them.Thurston County Commissioner Karen Valenzuela met directly with Todd Stamm, City of Olympia Planning Director, and Brett Bures, City of Olympia Associate Planner on June 3rd.  She felt the meeting was unproductive and disappointing in that staff gave no consideration to concerns about any of the elements in Section T 3.20 (f) 1 – 9 of the City’s Transportation Policy –that is, lack of sidewalks, pedestrian safety, inadequate line of sight, existing neighborhood configuration, other better alternatives, etc– but instead insisted they’ll continue to argue for the development of a through street, mostly on the basis that it’s ‘policy.’  Commissioner Valenzuela considers staff’s position one that actually ignores joint policy between the City and the County, and plans to testify to that effect at the hearing on the 14th.

Please plan to attend the June 14th hearing!   If you have any concerns about the proposed connecting street,  the discharge of stormwater runoff through the Chambers ditch,  potential impact on septic systems, increased traffic on Wiggins Road, or any other potential impacts, please attend to add your comments to the record.

If you wish to submit any written comments, please submit them to Brett Bures, Associate Planner, by June 10th to ensure they become a part of the official record:

Brett Bures
Associate Planner
Community Planning and Development
837 7th Avenue SE
P.O. Box 1967
Olympia, WA 98507-1967
(360) 753-8568
FAX: (360) 753-8087
TTY: (360) 753-8270

(You may submit written comments at subsequent hearings, but June 10th ensures they are entered into the official record.)

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